In 1837 Captain James Byrne founded a town on the Lamar Peninsula, and established a port of entry to compete with Aransas City. The Town of Rockport was founded in 1867. George Fulton completed his mansion in 1877 (now a Historical landmark) in the community known as Fulton, next to Rockport.

Rockport Masonic Lodge #323 A.F. & A.M. - 602 Hickory Ave., Rockport, Texas 78382
Rockport Masonic Lodge #323 A.F. & A.M. - 602 Hickory Ave., Rockport, Texas 78382


On an evening in the early spring of the year 1869, a physician, a carpenter, some businessmen, a couple of preachers, ranchers, lawyers and entrepreneurs composed a petition to the Grand Master of Masons in Texas, praying for a dispensation permitting them to form a lodge and carry on the work of the Order in Rockport. These Brothers were members of Refugio Lodge #190, Texana Lodge #123, Alpha Home Lodge #72 in New Orleans, Lousiana, Goliad Lodge #94. Almita Lodge #200, DeMolay Lodge #199, Hondo Lodge, Mount Moriah Lodge #139 in Florida, and Fleming Lodge #112 in Kentucky. These Brothers sought the sponsorship of Black Point Lodge #250 in the old town of St. Marys which was later destroyed by repeated hurricane damage in 1880 and 1886. The town of Bayside is now situated on the same plot of land as was St. Marys.

The principle officers of the Lodge were selected to be Brothers J.M. Ddoughty, S.D. Robb and J.M. Moorehead. Brother Henry C. Ives was selected to serve as Secretary while the Lodge was working under dispensation. He died in May of 1870 only a few weeks before the Lodge received it's Charter as Rockport Lodge No. 323.

The charter was removed by the Grand Lodge about 1883 because of inactivity. Attendance declined to the point they could not continue to meet. The Lodge was reinstated and allowed to resume labor in 1888 and has continued without interruption since that time.

This history is condensed from a document created on the occasion of the Centennial of the Lodge in 1970 by Brother Terrell M. Bledsoe who moved to Rockport and became active in Masonry after his retirement in 1966.

The Rockport Lodge 323 records of July 13, 1889 says that they received a loan from the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM for the City of Rockport, that was chartered in 1871, to clear off all of the City’s debts.


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